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  Network fax server solution  


Venta4Net™ is a network version of the popular VentaFax software. It enables users to send fax and voice messages from any computer in a local (or global) network with the client end software installed. Messages prepared by clients are sent through a server one of the computers in the network with the server end of Venta4Net installed. This computer must be equipped with a modem (or several modems) connected to a phone line (lines).

The server can work as an answering machine and receive fax and voice messages. Received messages (depending on the settings) can be forwarded to a specific user or several users. Later on, these messages can sent over to other recipients manually.

Applications comprising the Venta4Net pack allow users to create and edit the delivery schedule, public and personal phone books and delivery time masks, as well as view the events log and do a whole lot more.

The program has a flexible system for configuring user rights that makes it possible, for instance, to deny access to messages sent by other users and/or received messages. More >>

Venta4Net Plus

Venta4Net™ Plus is an extended network version of the original Venta4Net network software. In addition to all Venta4Net functions, it is capable of receiving tasks from users by email and sending completion reports back to them. Besides, Venta4Net Plus can also work with clients installed on a terminal server. All of this makes Venta4Net Plus the only product in the VentaFax/Venta4Net family offering the following functionality:

  • Operation in the two-way email-to-fax and email-to-voice gate mode
  • Support of networks with a terminal server and thin clients.

Work with email users

Just as the regular version of Venta4Net, the Venta4Net Plus server end works with users who have the client end of the program installed on their computers (client end users). Besides, the Plus version server can receive tasks from users by email (email users). Installation of the client end software in this case is not required. Users only need to have an email client installed (for instance, Windows Mail or Outlook Express). More >>

Terminal mode

Venta4Net Plus enables users to install the client parts of the program both on users' workstations or a terminal server that users' workstations connect to (for instance, diskless workstations known as "thin clients"). More >>

The Venta4Net Plus server can simultaneously work with client end users (installed on separate computers or under a terminal server).


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