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  What is VentaFax?  

VentaFax is designed for sending and receiving faxes, caller number delivery (Caller ID) if supported by your telephone company, and using modem voice functions (answering machine and others).

Facsimile functions

VentaFax provides facsimile message reception and transmission with fax modems that support Fax Class 1, 1.0, 2 and 2.0 command sets. You can receive or send faxes manually, without breaking ongoing conversations on a parallel telephone. Also you can transmit a fax by dialing a number using the modem. In auto-answer mode the program can receive a fax automatically without your assistance.

Voice functions

VentaFax provides voice message reception and transmission with modems that support various sound recording and playing standards. A voice modem can be used as an answering machine.

VentaFax also provides answer type recognition for incoming and outgoing calls. For example, the program may detect a voice answer when trying to send out a fax. In this case it can play a pre-recorded message before initiating transmission, such as "Press the Start button on your fax machine now". When in auto-answer mode, the program will detect whether a caller wants to send you a fax or to speak. It then starts either fax reception or voice message recording accordingly.

Trial terms and conditions

An unregistered Home Version of VentaFax is considered the trial version. The trial version is fully functional for 30 days. There are no restrictions, however there is a reminder of the unregistered status upon each program startup. Nothing changes after the 30-day period has elapsed, but it is expected that you will honor the trial terms and register the program if you wish to continue using it.

Each fax message sent through the unregistered version contains a single line of advertising. The answering machine records any incoming voice message for 15 seconds and then breaks the connection.

These limitations are removed upon registration with VentaFax.

Home Version

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An inexpensive version for home use.

Although fully functional in all basic aspects, it is our expectation that any use of VentaFax for business (profit-making) purposes will result in an upgrade and use of the Business Version of VentaFax.

Business Version

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The main difference of the Business Version (besides the license cost) is an unlimited number of scheduled delivery jobs that can be performed without user assistance at an appropriate time. Both faxes and voice messages can be scheduled.


Advanced Features Comparison Chart

The Business Version can be obtained after full payment only and is not subject for trial use. To download and install the program, you have to pay for the license first. For trial use and testing, please use the Home Version.

Multi-Line Business Versions

The VentaFax multi-line versions can operate several modems at once. Program modifications for 2 up to 32 telephone lines are available.

The VentaFax package also includes…

 The Phonebook application which enables the creation and editing of recipient entries, adding new directories, as well as data exchange with phonebooks in other formats.

 The Message Manager application which lets you view faxes and play voice messages, both received and prepared for transmission.

 The Log Book application which records all facsimile and voice message reception and transmission operations.

 The VentaFax Script Editor which is a specialized text editor designed for conveniently creating and editing VentaFax answering machine DTMF remote control scripts. Using the VentaFax Script Editor, you can create powerful Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

 The Scheduler application which provides automatic facsimile and voice message delivery at any convenient time. In contrast to the Business Version of VentaFax, Home Versions offer a limited number of scheduled jobs (3). This is insufficient for mass deliveries, of course, though adequate for sending a number of faxes at a specified time.

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