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"I work in road construction and trucking. There is paradox in both businesses.

Road plans are stored in the cloud and viewed, for the most part, on large screen monitors.
Road graders are equipped with GPS and servos to control grade to within a few millimeters over the length and width of an airport runway.
Trucks are tracked to within a few meters by satellite.

...but when someone wants a road built or a truckload delivered...

They like to see a piece of paper come out of a machine connected to a copper telephone wire.

For about the price of a fax machine, your software sends received documents to my smartphone, allows me to store digital copies without scanning, allows me to screen out the unsolicited advertisements for vacations and venture capital without printing, and saves much money in paper and ink.

I'm very satisified with the functionality of the Business version as I use it."

Terry James
March 2015

"Your program seems quite outstanding. I was looking for something to replace the discontinued PMFax (by the Keller Group) that I used under OS/2 - due to the difficulty of configuring it w/ new hardware - and your combination TAM-Fax software certainly fills the bill."

Wayne A Smith
March 2014

"Fantastic, very happy with the product. We have had months of problems with faxing. The environment entails using hyper-v 2012 with virtual COM ports. Windows fax had been very unstable but Fabula Tech (who sold us the virtual COM port software) recommended Ventafax.

So far very pleased as for the first time we can send and receive faxes in the virtual environment. The sending of emails works well too."

Stuart Hendry
February 2014

"I am using VentaFax with a fax modem. A few months ago I changed my fax from a dedicated line to a voice line with distinctive ring. I had a great deal of difficulty with other software such as [...] to get it to work. VentaFax handles distinctive ring very well, I also like the interface and reporting functionality. Keep up the good work!"

Richard Wiens
January 2014

"VENTAFAX is a great software and in almost par with other expensive software, I have saved a lot on printing paper and inks, energy saved, I was able to conduct my business while on vacation and I don't need to be tied down to my office as I can access my fax messages which are forwarded to my PDA."

Gordon Fernandes


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