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  VentaFax as Winfax Alternative  

Considering an alternative to Winfax?

VentaFax is a full-featured alternative to Winfax. Click here to see the main VentaFax's key features.

Comments from our customers

The software is very interesting, and it seems to be what I'm looking for to change old and Symantec Winfax.

Have been trying your program for the last week in trial mode - Brilliant - am going to drop winfax if the following is OK.

I was a longtime user of Winfax, and would still be using it if Symantec hadn't discontinued it. I searched for replacement software for many weeks and came away dissatisfied until I found VentaFax. I find that, in general, it equals or exceeds the capabilities of Winfax.

First of all let me say that I am very impressed with this product. I have tried at least five other products and this one definitely outshines them all regardless of the price.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Winfax.

Q: I've been using Winfax for at least 10 years and finally am ready to move on. I like the way it stores my faxes and how I can set up cover pages, but it's still buggie after all these years. And Symantec is no longer supporting it.

A: VentaFax is a full-featured alternative to Winfax. Look at the table below to see the main VentaFax's key features.


Send facsimile messages from any Windows application
Fax a document from any Windows application by printing it on the VENTAFAX virtual printer that appears on your system after correct installation of the program.

Manual and automatic facsimile message reception and transmission
Send and receive faxes manually with an established connection, or transmit a fax by dialing a phone number automatically.

Fax broadcasting
Send a single fax to an entire list of recipients, rather than faxing each person individually (with the Business Versions).

Color fax support
Send and receive faxes in full color. (more >>)

Built-in scheduler
Scheduled delivery permits delayed delivery of single messages at a specified time, convenient for transmitting mass faxes and voice messages to multiple recipients. The Home Version’s scheduler only accepts a maximum of three fax jobs, but with the Business Version the number of jobs you can schedule is unlimited.

Customizable cover page
Create or customize cover pages using the cover page editor.

Convert incoming faxes to PDF documents
Automatically convert incoming faxes into PDF format.

Fax priority system
Assign a priority to each outgoing fax. If several faxes are waiting to be sent, higher priority documents will be faxed first.

V.34 Fax (Super G3) faxing support
Ventafax is one of a handful of software products that support the high-speed (up to 33600 bps) V.34 Fax (Super G3) protocol. Tested with MultiTech V.34 fax (Super G3) modem models and RockForce multimodem boards from MainPine.


Answering machine

Voice/Data/Fax mode recognition
When VentaFax identifies an incoming ring, it tries to detect whether it is an attempt to transmit a fax or whether it is a voice call. Either Facsimile or Voice message reception mode is enabled automatically depending on which type of call it is. In the event a data call is detected, the call can be transferred to an awaiting application, such as Window Remote Access Server.

Remote DTMF control
Operate your answering machine remotely using tone commands, for example, to check new voice messages.

Voice mailbox support
With VentaFax, create as many personal mailboxes as you wish (Business Version). A mailbox can be accessed using answering machine remote control commands.

Distinctive Ring
VentaFax offers Distinctive Ring services (if supported by your modem) – even in Windows 2000, XP and Windows Vista! (more >>)

more >>


Caller ID

The black-list and white-list directories
Use these directories to filter incoming calls based on a caller's phone number.

Phone number voicing
Identified phone numbers can be played aloud via a computer sound device.

Answering machine setting redefinition
Use different answering machine greetings and other settings depending on the incoming phone number identified.

Caller data display
Both phone number and caller information from a VentaFax directory can be displayed in a special window.


User interface

Unique virtual fax interface
VentaFax will pose no problems for anyone who has ever used a traditional fax machine, an answering machine or a Caller ID feature. You will be surprised at how convenient the program is to use – and at its greatly-expanded functionality.

Real-time display of reception/transmission operations
Watch facsimile reception/transmission processes as with a normal fax machine.

The appearance of the Main Application can be changed using various skins. You can also change the background color.



Telephone conversation recording
Record a sound file of your telephone conversation on a hard disk.

Speakerphone (speak on a modem)
Speak on your voice modem instead of a telephone. (Note: some modems do not support this feature.)

Announcement prior to sending a fax
If the program detects a voice answer upon sending out a fax, a pre-recorded message can be played, for example, "Press the Start button on your fax machine now".

Automatic registration of telephone calls
Automatic registration of telephone calls mode permits either the recording of a conversation or simply registering the start time and duration of the conversation in a log. Both incoming and outgoing calls can be registered.

Playing back text files using a speech synthesis engine (TTS)
The program can play both pre-prepared sound files (*.WAV) and text files (*.TXT or *.MIX) via the modem on the telephone line or the computer's sound device. In the latter case what is known as 'text-to-speech' (TTS) translation takes place. (more >>)


Integration with e-mail

Automatic notification of incoming messages (and forwarding these messages in the Business Version) by e-mail
The Home Version allows you to send notification of all incoming messages to a single e-mail address. With the Business Version, you can send notification of incoming messages - and forward the messages themselves - to multiple e-mail addresses following user-specified rules. Notification/forwarding rules can depend on the caller's phone number, fax identifier, message type (fax or voice) and the user's virtual mailbox number.

Sending fax and voice messages as file attachments via e-mail
Send prepared messages by e-mail as attachments.

Placing incoming messages to the mail program's Inbox
Place received messages in the default mail program's Inbox folder.



Other features

Repeated Dialing
Reach your party easily even when their phone number is always busy. The program can detect "busy" signals, even if your modem is unable to.

Access to Windows Address Book and Outlook Address Book
You can use the Windows and Outlook Address Books as VentaFax phonebooks.


Integration with other programs

Command line options support
To control VentaFax from external applications, for example, from the Task Scheduler, it can be started with certain options (modifiers).

Plug-in support
Plug-ins are designed to perform user-specific actions, such as storing information in personal databases.

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